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Renewable Energy

Feed-in-Tarriff (FIT)

In February, 2012, the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Energy Committee published a white paper on Renewable Energy and Green Jobs Policy for the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Energy Committee: CLEAN-FIT programs: Clean Local Energy Accessible Now – Feed in Tariff (FIT).  Feed-in-Tariff is the more commonly used name for the system. 

Feed-In Tariff programs are an efficient method of maximizing both job creation and rapid renewable energy deployment.

Chapter Policy on Renewable Energy

The Atlantic Chapter Executive Committee unanimously adopted the following resolution in April 2013:

The Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter supports the goal that New York State be fully powered by New York renewable energy sources of wind, water and solar by 2030.

In adopting this policy the Chapter reviewed several studies on the potential renewable energy sources in our state.

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