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True victory at PSC clears way for new drinking water approaches

by Peggy Kurtz and Gale Pisha
Rockland activists won a major victory for the environment on December 17 with the defeat of a massive desalination proposal for the Hudson River.  As soon as the news hit the internet, one of our friends called immediately to ask, “Is this a true victory?”  This was, indeed, a groundbreaking decision by the Public Service Commission!

Letter to the editor: NYC developers likely to pounce on EPF for waterfront pork

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state legislators are likely to propose misspending Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) and other funds on environmentally damaging boondoggles in disaster-prone locations in and over the lower Hudson River and other waters in the next few months — unless the Sierra Club mobilizes to prevent this. 

Communities on planned route rallying against Pilgrim Pipeline

by Mary Finneran
When this was being written, New Yorkers were finalizing their plans to celebrate Thanksgiving. We like to think of it as a day commemorating the time when immigrants from England joined the local inhabitants in sharing their bounty.  

Alternatively, some would say that holiday is more a time to reflect on how the historical Pilgrims usurped the homes, land, and universal rights of the indigenous peoples.  


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