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Help Protect the Gray Wolf!

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)  is currently accepting comments regarding their proposal to delist the gray wolf (Canis lupis) from the threatened and endangered species list in the U.S. They have provided an extension  to the comment period, until Dec. 17th.   This comes at a time when wolf recovery is still underway in many areas (including the Eastern United States).

Adirondacks to Acadia corridor receives national attention with Sierra Club's Resilient Habitats

The Sierra Club has nearly completed its drastic restructuring of environmental initiatives in order to more effectively address global warming. The Climate Recovery Agenda has six main elements: "Beyond Coal", "Clean Energy", "Green Transportation", Resilient Habitats", "Limit Greenhouse Emissions", and "Safeguard Communities".  The Club's former wilderness campaigns have become the "Resilient Habitats" campaign, which takes us back to the Adirondacks.  

Two Invasive Insects Threaten to Alter the Entire Character of Our Eastern Forest


     Two invasive insects, the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and the Asian Long-Horned Beetle (ALB), both from Asia, have found their way to North America recently, probably transported accidentally in wooden pallets.  Looking ahead, these two insects together appear to have the potential to drastically alter the entire character of our eastern forests by potentially eliminating all ash trees and maple trees from the forests.

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