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SA Winter 2013

Green smoothies: how I get more vegetables into the grandchildren


by Betsy Naselli

It’s all about green these days. Smaller carbon footprint. Using fewer of the Earth’s resources.  A vegan lifestyle is a great way to be greener. But, actually, that is not the green I am talking about.

No ma’am. I am talking about healthy green vegetables: collards and kale and mustard greens. Spinach and arugula and romaine. Mizuna and bok choy and, well, I think you are catching on.

West Valley – climate change emerges as lethal wild card at nuke waste site


by Arthur Klein

West Valley demonstrates that treating symptoms rarely cures disease.

It all began in 1966, when managers of the nuclear waste demonstration project in West Valley (near Buffalo) theorized it was possible to dissolve nuclear power plant radioactive fuel rods in acid to extract valuable plutonium, the lethal base ingredient of nuclear energy.

Chapter stands with Canadian Sierrans in fight against more Great Lakes nukes


Ontario is considering refurbishing four existing nuclear reactors, and building four new reactors at the Darlington nuclear site near Lake Ontario. 

At the request of Sierra Club Canada, the Atlantic Chapter Energy Committee and the Rochester and Niagara Groups have sent letters to Canadian nuclear regulators in opposition to this dangerous expansion of nuclear power near an international water supply.


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