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Take Action! Comment on US EPA's Proposed Carbon Pollution Standards

Comment period extended to December 1, 2014

The EPA is accepting comments until December 1, 2014 on its proposed Clean Power Plan.  Comments may be made at on the EPA website.  The proposed Clean Power Plan will help cut carbon emissions from the power sector.

The Sierra Club strongly favors the EPA proposals, but several issues can be addressed:

Brookhaven Hearing on Nov 14 2013

Attend the public hearing in Brookhaven to deliver the message that the proposed Caithness II gas powered electric generating plant in Brookhaven Town needs to consider all environmental impacts of this plant, including the adverse impact of its exhaust on Long Island air pollution and global climate change.  We need to stress that this environmental study needs to address the impact another fossil fuel plant will have on global climate change, and must consider a full range of alternatives such as investing more in energy efficiency and renewable energy from solar and offshore wind. 

Obama is right on climate disruption, wrong on natural gas

by Bob Ciesielski

The Atlantic Chapter congratulates President Obama for his recent acknowledgment of the existence of climate change and the fact that fossil fuels are major contributors to global climate disruption.  The President spoke with the support of 97% of the world’s climate scientists who have been warning of man-made created climate change for years.

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