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Volume 42, Winter 2016 Sierra Atlantic

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Feature Articles
Part I
Farewell to our editors
Release of text confirms TPP fears
Paris climate pact is weak scientifically, but politically significant
Frack ban would make target easier to hit
Chapter beats Shell, stops Painted Post sale of water for fracking
Cuomo blocks Port Ambrose LNG terminal
Last-quarter progress moves state's energy needle
Cuomo proposes to nearly double Environmental Protection Fund

Part II
Unneeded Fitzpatrick nuke plant should be closed with a just transition
Tree research and survival viable without genetic engineering
Letter to the editor: NYC developers likely to pounce on EPF for waterfront pork
• The Pope's Encyclical Revisited: From consumerism to voluntary simplicity: can we make a profound cultural change?
• The Pope's Encyclical Revisited: We won't end the climate crisis until we deal with overpopulation
Communities on planned route rallying against Pilgrim Pipeline
"True victory" at PSC clears way for new drinking water approaches
Club: no more gas-fired power plants
Case study: how zone defense can turn the tide in rural organizing

Featured Columns
Message from the Chair: String of triumphs no reason to stop pressing ahead
Albany Update: Clean-energy economy requires diverse political movement
Conservation Action: Local communities need to step up climate change efforts
Cooking for a Small Planet: Vegan 'comfort food' - an oxymoron?
Enviro Close-Up: At our house, the sun pays the electric bill

Communities on planned route rallying against Pilgrim Pipeline

by Mary Finneran
When this was being written, New Yorkers were finalizing their plans to celebrate Thanksgiving. We like to think of it as a day commemorating the time when immigrants from England joined the local inhabitants in sharing their bounty.  

Alternatively, some would say that holiday is more a time to reflect on how the historical Pilgrims usurped the homes, land, and universal rights of the indigenous peoples.