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Take Action Today: Spectra Algonquin AIM Project
The proposed AIM expansion includes a 42” diameter, high pressure pipeline traversing the Hudson River from Rockland County, NY, entering Westchester County and intersecting underground with proposed mega voltage electric transmission lines in close proximity to the Indian Point nuclear power facility.  Indian Point stores 40 years of spent nuclear fuel rods, and sits near the Ramapo and Stamford faults. The proposed AIM project also includes new massive gas compressor stations in Stony Point, Rockland County and in Southeast, Putnam County. The expansion would continue into Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Click here to send comments to FERC.

Take Action: The Tar Sands Fight Comes Home to NY
The extraction of Canadian tar sands and North Dakotan Shale oil has sparked a firestorm of international protest over the threat that this emerging source of crude oil could present to the earth's destabilizing climate. The Keystone XL pipeline - the fuse by which this climate "bomb" would be lit - has to date been blocked by the Obama administration, largely out of acknowledgement for the catastrophic environmental risks.  But while the focus has been on stopping pipleines, oil companies have been looking to the railways to transport this dirty fuel from the North American heartland to its coastal refineries thousands of miles away. New Yorkers are now just waking up the fact that hundreds upon hundreds of crude oil rail cars rumble from Buffalo and the upper reaches of Lake Champlain to Albany every day along some of New York's most important waterways and city centers. This "pipeline-on-rails" has never received an environmental review, yet represents dangers of apocalypic proportions. Take action today and tell the DEC to conduct a full EIS! (Updated comment deadline!)

Petition for Mandatory GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Labeling in NYS
Foods produced from or containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may contain new substances or have purposeful or inadvertent compositional changes and have the potential to cause a variety of health problems. Sadly, consumers are not informed which products contain GMOs and therefore cannot make an informed decision about their consumption of GMOs. 
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