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Nuclear Issues

There are six nuclear power plants operating in New York State, making up 13% of the state's electric capacity and 30% of its supply.

Indian Point in Westchester County (2 Plants, IP2 and IP3):

The Indian Point nuclear plant first went into operation in 1962. Since then, the plant, which is now owned by Entergy, has encountered a string of accidents and mishaps and has appeared on the federal list of the nation's worst nuclear power plants. (See a time line of Indian Point's troubled past). The license for Indian Point 1 expired in 1972. The licence for Indian Point 2 expires in 2013 and Indian Point 3 in 2015.

James A. Fitzpatrick in Oswego County:

Owned by Entergy. In 2008 the NRC extended Fitzpatric's license for 20 more years.

Nine Mile Point in Oswego County (2 Plants, NM1 and NM2):

Owned by Constellation Energy. In 2006 the NRC extended Nine Mile's license for 20 more years.

Robert E. Ginna in Wayne County:

Owned by Constellation Energy Group. In 2004 the NRC extended Ginna's license for 20 more years.


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