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Memos of Support and Opposition Issued for 2016 Legislative Session:

  • Oil Train Liability: A.7625 Fahy/S.5751-A Avella
  • Summary: Relates to the financial liability of major facilities, vessels, and railroads.
    Currently: A.7625: PASSED Assembly (03/29/16); S.5751-A: referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (01/06/16)
    Support Memo (pdf)
  • GMO Labeling: A.617-B Rosenthal/S.485-B LaValle
    Summary: Provides for the labeling of food or food products that contain a genetically modified material or that are produced with genetically modified material
    Currently: A.617-B: referred to Codes Committee (02/09/16); S.485-B: Committee Discharged and Committed to Rules (04/05/16)
    Support Memo (pdf)
  • Shared Renewable Energy Facilities: A.107-A* Paulin/S.3544* Griffo (*not same as)
    Summary: Allows for the interconnection and operation of shared solar and wind facilities to the benefit of consumers that may not have access to suitable renewable energy generation sites.
    Currently: A.107-A: referred to Energy Committee (01/06/16); S.3544: referred to Senate Finance Committee (01/06/16)
    Support Memo (pdf)

  • Closing the Hazardous Waste Loophole: A.6859 Englebright/S.884 Avella
    Summary: Relates to the uniform treatment of waste from the exploration, development, extraction or production of crude oil or natural gas.
    Currently: A.6859: referred to Environmental Conservation Committee (01/06/16); S.884: referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (01/06/16)
    Support Memo (pdf)
  • Global Warming Pollution Control Act: A.6072 Englebright/S.205-A Espaillat
    Summary: An act to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to global warming pollution control.
    Currently: A.6072: ordered to third reading calendar (01/06/16)S.205-A: Notice of Committee Consideration - Requested (03/07/16)
    Support Memo (pdf)
  • Circle Hooks in Fishing: A.9218 Thiele/S.6678 LaValle
    Summary: Relates to extending certain provisions relating to the taking of sharks (extends the provisions limiting the fishing of sharks to the use of non-stainless steel non-offset circle hooks. 
    Currently: A.9218: PASSED Assembly (03/01/16); S.6678: referred to Environmental Conservation (02/04/16)
    Support Memo (pdf)

  • Energy Efficient TVs: A.5868 Kavanagh/S.3426 Squadron
    Summary: Enacts energy efficiency standards for televisions.
    Currently: A.5868: advanced to Third Reading Calendar (02/26/16); S.3426: referred to Energy Committee (01/06/16)
    Support Memo (pdf)

  • Geothermal On-Bill Financing: A.1307-A Ryan/S.2693-A Ortt
    Summary: Includes geothermal energy systems within the meaning of the term "qualified energy efficiency services" for purposes of on-bill financing under the Power NY Act of 2011.
    Currently: A.2693-A: Amended and referred to Assembly Energy (02/01/16); S.2693-A: PASSED Senate (03/28/16)
    Support Memo (pdf)

  • Budget: Electric Vehicle Rebate: A.9008-B Part X/S.6408-B Part EE
    Summary: Consumer rebate programs for the purchase or lease of electric vehicles (EV), both plug-in hybrid vehicles and full battery electric vehicles.
    Support Memo (pdf)

  • Budget: ATV Trail Fund and ATV Use: S.6408-B Part QQ
    Summary: This legislation would redefine all terrain vehicles (ATVs) to include significantly larger, heavier, and more environmentally damaging motorized vehicles – raising the weight limit of ATVs allowed on trails and roadways from 1000 to 1500 pounds. The bill would also open the NYS Forest Preserve and NYS Park land to ATV use, and allows for speeds of up to 55mph on roads and highways. 
    Opposition Memo (pdf)