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Memos of Support and Opposition Issued for 2014 Legislative Session:

  • A.6328 Sweeney/S.4614 Boyle: Child Safe Products Act
Summary: This legislation provides greater regulation of children's products in terms of exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals.  
Currently: A.6328: PASSED Assembly 3/18/14; S.4614-A: referred to the Senate Finance 6/3/14
Support Memo (pdf)
  • A.3525-E Rosenthal/S.3835-B Lavalle: GMO Labeling

Summary: Provides for the labeling of food or food products that contain a genetically modified material or that are produced with genetically modified material
Currently: A.3525-E: referred to Assembly Ways and Means (6/3/14); S.3835-B: referred to Senate Consumer Protection
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.4741 Sweeney/S.3703-B Grisanti: Expands TRIS-Free Children and Babies Act (not same as)

Summary: Relates to expanding the TRIS-Free Children and Babies act; expands the definition of TRIS to include TDCPP.  This bill limits children's exposure to several forms of the dangerous and toxic chemical TRIS, often used in products as a flame retardant.  
Currently: A.4741: PASSED the Assembly on 1/27/14; S.3703-B: PASSED the Senate on 6/10/14 
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.8744-A Sweeney/S.7018 Grisanti: Banning the use of microbeads in cosmetic products

Summary: This bill enacts the "Microbead-free Waters Act" to prohibit the manufacture, distribution and sale of personal cosmetic products containing microbeads.  
Currently: A.8744: PASSED Assembly (5/5/14); S.7018-A: Committee Discharged and referred to Rules (6/19/14)
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.8824 Sweeney/S.7040 Avella: Banning the sale of ivory in New York State*
    *This bill was updated at the end of session and was reitroduced with new numbers: A.10153 Rules (Sweeney)/S.7916 Lanza

Summary: This bill would amend the Environmental Conservation Law, prohibiting the purchase and sale of ivory articles in the state. The legislation would work to close New York as a market for ivory sale.  
Currently: A.8744: referred to Assembly Codes; S.7040: Referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
A.10153: PASSED the Assembly (6/19/14); S.7916: PASSED the Senate (6/20/14)
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.1046 Sweeney/S.674: Closing the Hazardous Waste Loophole

Summary: Relates to the uniform treatment of waste from the exploration, development, extraction, or production of crude oil or natural gas.  Defines this waste as hazardous.
Currently:  A.1046 -Advanced to Third Reading Calendar (5/8/14); S.674 - Referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (1/8/14)
Support Memo (pdf)  

  • A.7155 O'Donnell/S.675 Avella: SEQRA

Summary: Allows a person to institute an action for a violation of the provision of the environmental quality review even if the injury does not affect the public at large.
Currently: A.7155: Advanced to Third Reading Calendar (4/3/14); S.675: referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (1/8/14)  
Support Memo (pdf)


  • A.1072 Rosenthal/S.5176 Marcellino: Preserves the Nighttime Sky

Summary: Works to preserve the unique qualities of the nighttime sky.
Currently: A.1072: advanced to third reading calendar in Assembly (4/3/14); S.5176: referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (1/8/14)  
Support Memo (pdf)



  • A.2047-A Kavanagh/S.2769-A Parker: Citizen Suits

Summary: Grants private citizens broad authorization to commence civil judicial actions under certain titles of the Environmental Conservation Law.
Currently: A.2047: advanced to third reading calendar in Assembly (5/22/14); S.2769-A: referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee  
Support Memo (pdf)



  • A.3634 Sweeney/S.4028 Libous/State Comptroller #6

Summary: Establishes the natural gas production contamination response and compensation program.
Currently: A.3634: referred to Assembly Ways & Means (6/3/14); S.4028: referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (1/8/14)  
Support Memo (pdf)



  • A.9926 Fahy/S.7718 Grisanti

Summary: Requires petroleum bulk storage facilities to provide a surety to be used in the case of a necessary cleanup and decontamination.
Currently: A.9926: PASSED the Assembly (6/16/14); S.7718: referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee (6/2/14)  
Support Memo (pdf)



  • A.9619-B Lifton/S.7273-B O'Mara

Summary: Relates to aquatic invasive species and spread prevention.
Currently: A.9619-B: PASSED the Assembly (6/19/14); S.7273-B: PASSED the Senate (6/20/14)  
Support Memo (pdf)



  • A.9931 Paulin/S.7727 Maziarz

Summary: Relates to shared renewable facilities.
Currently: A.9931: Assembly Third Reading Calendar (6/19/14); S.7727: referred to Senate Finance (6/3/14)  
Support Memo (pdf)


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