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The Atlantic Chapter Position on Population

The Population Committee of the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club recognizes (as does Sierra Club national) that a densely populated planet is a key factor that impacts all environmental issues.  Therefore, our focus is on local, state-wide, national, and international issues related to family planning and education about the issue of over-population.

Change is only truly possible when it begins inside the person who is advocating it.  This being the case, the following suggestions are made to help you take personal responsibility for stabilizing human population.

  • TALK ABOUT THE POPULATION PROBLEM WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  It’s time this issue was openly discussed, and what better place to begin.
  • SUPPORT FAMILY PLANNING EFFORTS.  Nearly one out of three pregnancies is unplanned.  Every child should be a wanted child.
  • SUPPORT ALL EFFORTS TO IMPROVE THE EDUCATION AND INCREASE THE EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE, as research has consistently shown a strong correlation between women’s educational opportunities, status, and empowerment and smaller families with healthier children.
  • LIMIT YOUR OWN FAMILY SIZE TO TWO CHILDREN PER COUPLE.  It is no longer a question of whether or not you can afford more children, it is a question of whether or not the planet can afford more children.  Consider adopting children instead of having your own.  After all, it’s the love that counts.  Another option is to enrich the lives of other people’s children as part of your life.
  • SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE TO HAVE ONE CHILD OR NO CHILDREN.  It is their decision, they should be supported, not criticized.  Don’t pressure your children, grandchildren, or other relatives to have children.  A decision not to have children may be the best personal choice and contributes to sustainable population levels.  There are plenty of other children who could benefit from that love.
  • WRITE LETTERS TO THE NEWSPAPER, ARTICLES FOR AN ORGANIZATION’S NEWSLETTER, OR CONTRIBUTE TO A BLOG.  Letters to the editor raise awareness and help policy makers determine the issues to which they should pay attention.  The Sierra Club Population Committee has background information and suggestions for letters.  Call us at the numbers below.
  • WRITE TO STATE AND NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES URGING THEM TO SUPPORT FUNDING FOR FAMILY PLANNING PROGRAMS. It is critical that these people hear from you, both for national and international programs.  The Sierra Club Population Committee has a phone tree.  We will alert you when an important vote is coming up.  Become part of this tree by calling us at the numbers below.
Thursday, September 13, 2012
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