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2013 Legislative Memos


Memos of Support and Opposition Issued for 2013 Legislative Session:

  • (Super Bill) A.5424-A Sweeney/S.4236-A Avella: Hydrofracking Moratorium/Health Impact Assessment
Summary: Suspends all permitting for hydraulic fracturing of low permeable natural gas reservoirs until May 15, 2015.  Also requires a comprehensive health impact assessment, complete with public comment and review. 
Currently: A.5424-A PASSED the Assembly 3/6/13; referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
Support Memo (pdf)
  • (Super Bill) A.6327 Sweeney: Climate Protection Act
Summary: The purpose of this bill is to require DEC to establish limits on greenhouse gas emissions in NYS.  This legislation mandates a minimum 80% reduction in New York's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (as compared to 1990 levels.  A 20% reduction by 2020 is the first target, followed by 20% reductions in 10-year intervals.
Currently: PASSED the Assembly on 4/23/13; referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
Support Memo (pdf)
  • (Super Bill) A.5060-B Englebright/S.2522 Maziarz: New York Solar Bill* (*not same as)
Summary: This bill establishes a 10-year solar incentive program (2014-2023) that will provide long-term certainty for the solar industry to commit private investment and bring a robust NY solar industry to scale. 
Currently: S.2522 PASSED the Senate on 4/23/13; A.5060-B PASSED the Assembly on 6/20/13: Though both bills passed, they are not "Same As" which means both bills died in the prospective houses.
Support Memo (pdf)
  • (Super Bill) A.6328 Sweeney/S.4614 Boyle: Child Safe Products Act
Summary: This legislation provides greater regulation of children's products in terms of exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals.  
Currently: PASSED the Assembly on 4/23/13; referred to the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
Support Memo (pdf)
  • (Super Bill) S.4705-A Stewart-Cousins/A.4980-C Silver: Fair Elections for New York

Support Campaign Finance Reform - for more on why the Sierra Club and the Environmental Community are advocating for Fair Elections in New York, see here
Currently: PASSED the Assembly on 5/7/13; referred to the Senate Elections Committee

  • A.751 Rosenthal/S.4224 Marcellino 

Summary: Enacts the healthy, safe and energy efficient outdoor lighting act to reduce harmful outdoor lighting
Currently: A.751: in Assembly Rules Committee; S.4224 in Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.1046 Sweeney/S.674 Avella: Closing the Hazardous Waste Loophole
Summary: Relates to the uniform treatment of waste from the exploration, development, extraction, or production of crude oil or natural gas.  Defines this waste as hazardous.
Currently:  A.1046 - Advanced to Third Reading Calendar; S.674 - Referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
Support Memo (pdf)  
  • A.1769-B Maisel/S.1711-B Grisanti: Shark Fin Ban

Summary: Prohibits the sale, offer for sale, trade, or distribution of shark fins
Currently: A.1769-B - PASSED the Assembly on 5/06/13; S.1711-B - PASSED the Senate on 4/23/13
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.2047 Kavanagh/S.2769 Parker: Citizen Suits

Summary: Grants private citizens broad authorization to commence civil judicial actions under certain titles of the environmental conservation law
Currently: A.2047 - on Third Reading Calendar; S.2769 - in the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.3525-A Rosenthal/S.3835-A Lavalle: GMO Labeling

Summary: Provides for the labeling of food or food products that contain a genetically modified material or that are produced with genetically modified material
Currently: A.3525-A: defeated in Assembly Consumer Affairs and Protection; S.3835-A: referred to Senate Consumer Protection
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.3634 Sweeney/S.4028 Libous/State Comptroller #6

Summary: This bill would establish the Natural Gas Production Contamination Response and Compensation Program; and create the New York natural gas production contamination damage recovery and remediation fund.
Currently: A.3634 - on Third Reading Calendar; S.4028 - in the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
Support Memo (pdf) 

  • A.4741 Sweeney/S.3703 Grisanti: Expands TRIS-Free Children and Babies Act

Summary: Relates to expanding the TRIS-Free Children and Babies act; expands the definition of TRIS to include TDCPP.  This bill limits children's exposure to several forms of the dangerous and toxic chemical TRIS, often used in products as a flame retardant.  
Currently: A.4741 - PASSED the Assembly on 5/1/13; S.3703 is on the floor of the Senate - DID NOT get voted on this session. 
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.4822 Sweeney: Cadmium Ban 

Summary: Relates to the regulation of cadmium added to children's novelty products
Currently: PASSED Assembly on 6/11/13
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.4973-A Kavanagh/S.3419-A Krueger: Styrofoam Reduction

Summary: The purpose of this bill is to discourage the use of disposable Styrofoam food service ware by any person or entity that has a contract with an agency or municipality, and to study the feasibility of a Styrofoam ban in New York State. 
Currently: A.4973-A Passed the Assembly on 4/23/13; S.3419-A referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.7155 O'Donnell/S.675 Avella: SEQRA 

Summary: Allows a person to institute an action for a violation of the provision of the environmental quality review even if the injury does not affect the public at large
Currently: A.7155: referred to Assembly Codes Committee; S.675: referred to Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
Support Memo (pdf)

  • A.7974 Sweeney/S.4688 Little: NYCO Mining (Constitutional Amendment)

Summary: This bill proposes to enact an amendment to Article 14 of the State Constitution, the “Forever Wild” Clause, to allow NYCO Minerals, Inc, a private multinational mining company with mines in Willsboro, New York as well as on several continents, to undertake exploratory drilling on a tract of 200 acres of Forest Preserve known as Lot 8, located in the Adirondack Park in the Jay Mountain Wilderness, Town of Lewis, Essex County. 
Currently: A.7974 - PASSED the Assembly 6/19/13; S.4688 - PASSED the Senate 6/11/13
Opposition Memo (pdf)

  • A.8084 Sweeney/S.1676-A Grisanti: Mercury containing Thermostats
Summary: Relates to the collection of thermostats containing mercury; encourages the safe collection of these thermostats. 
Currently: A.8084 PASSED Assembly 6/21/13; S.1676 Substituted for A.8084 PASSED Senate 6/21/13
Support Memo (pdf)
  • S.2520-A Maziarz: Repowering Bill

Summary: Creates a clean-fuel and job creation tax credit that is available to major electric generating facilities in NYS that undertake repowering projects, qualified energy infrastructure investments, and qualified new construction projects.  Projects and investments qualify for the credit if they meet certain minimum environmental requirements pertaining to heat rate, emission rate for relevant siting air contaminants, and cooling water withdrawal rate.  
Currently: Referred to Senate Finance Committee
Opposition Memo (pdf)

  • S.2565 Ball/A.494 Paulin: Vested Rights

Summary: This bill would create a 6-year pilot program in Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester Counties, allowing developers to acquire vested rights at the earliest point in the permitting process and avoid future changes to local laws or zoning. This pilot program will study the correlation between the vested property rights legislation and its impact on the creation of jobs, economic development, and the quality of local community life. 
Currently: A.494 referred to Assembly Codes Committee; S.2565 referred to Senate Local Governments Committee
Opposition Memo (pdf)

  • S.5846-A Maziarz/A.8110 Camera: LNG Siting

Summary: An act to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to the criteria for siting and the transportation of liquefied natural and petroleum gas, and to repeal certain provisions of such law relating thereto.
Currently: S.5846 - PASSED the Senate 6/21/13; A.8110 - Referred to Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee
Opposition Memo (pdf)