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 "A Danger on Rails": Short Film on the Issue of Oil by Rail

Be sure to watch this short documentary by Jon Bowermaster that takes a closer look at the many dangers of oil by rail, featuring the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter's Conservation Director, Roger Downs. And to take action on the issue after watching, click here

Become a Water Sentinel! Trainings in Olean, NY on May 30

New York Water Sentinels is looking for new volunteers to expand its stream monitoring efforts in Cattaraugus County, NY. During the training, participants learn how to collect baseline data and monitor water quality using a protocol developed by the NY Water Sentinels and the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM), based at Dickinson College.  To learn more about the training, and to register, click here


Fracking Victory for New York!

New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that high volume hydraulic fracturing will be banned in New York, following the release of a long-anticipated study that concluded fracking could pose "significant public health risks." the full press release here 


Petition for Mandatory GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Labeling in NYS

Foods produced from or containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may contain new substances or have purposeful or inadvertent compositional changes and have the potential to cause a variety of health problems. Sadly, consumers are not informed which products contain GMOs and therefore cannot make an informed decision about their consumption of GMOs. 
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More info on GMOs in our food system