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Time to Reclaim 9000 acres of NYS Park from Gas Leases
Take action today and send a letter to Governor Cuomo and the NY Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, expressing opposition to public park land being put to industrial use. The gas storage facility in the Allegany State Park damages natural resources and steals from public well-being. Take action today! 


Take Action: Stop the Constitution Pipeline

New York may have banned fracking, but the proliferation of pipeline proposals across our state has brought new threats to communities that are now in the pathway of fracked gas infrastructure. It is being called the Keystone Pipeline of natural gas, and if it gets built, it will pave the way for other pipelines not only in the Northeast, but in the Southeast US and beyond. While the comment period has closed, you can still learn more about the pipeline by clicking here.  


Fracking Victory for New York!

New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that high volume hydraulic fracturing will be banned in New York, following the release of a long-anticipated study that concluded fracking could pose "significant public health risks." the full press release here 


Renewable Energy Toolkit

The Atlantic Chapter is dedicated to promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency throughout New York.  
- Our Chapter's policy on Renewable Energy details our goals for NYS (read here).
- Find our Renewable Energy Brochure here (pdf).
- Send a letter to your elected officials, urging them to promote renewable energy and efficiency in their own newsletters (sample letter). 
For more on Renewable Energy, click here


Petition for Mandatory GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Labeling in NYS

Foods produced from or containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may contain new substances or have purposeful or inadvertent compositional changes and have the potential to cause a variety of health problems. Sadly, consumers are not informed which products contain GMOs and therefore cannot make an informed decision about their consumption of GMOs. 
Sign the Petition today!
More info on GMOs in our food system